The collection of medieval metal utensils is small but varied, ranging from single spoons, a fork decorated with ivory, a censer, a figurine). An elegantly elaborate lock testifies to the refined craftsmanship. Two storage cases are also richly decorated, including engraved hunting scenes and leaf ornaments.

00192 Mary (from a Calvary group)   00192 Mary (from a Calvary group)
00193 Lock with Mary with Child   00193 Lock with Mary with Child
00195 Suitcase for prayer book   00195 Suitcase for prayer book
00196 Small suitcase   00196 Small suitcase
00197 Fork   00197 Fork
00199 Spoon with Saint James the Greater   00199 Spoon with Saint James the Greater
00200 Spoon with Salvator Mundi   00200 Spoon with Salvator Mundi
00201 Spoon   00201 Spoon
00202 Censer   00202 Censer