The castle is open every day during the summer break (July & August)!

The castle

The castle is truly a total artwork. The architecture and interior were designed at the same time, and are now preserved in their entirety. Please note the artistic carvings on the stairs, the specially designed door handles and floor tiles, and the wall paintings with captions by the Flemish poet Guido Gezelle.

At the same time, you learn about the residents' daily life in their summer residence. In addition to the imposing hall and stately salons, you will also see the kitchen and the family chapel.

The castle is home to an impressive art collection, dating from the early Middle Ages until the beginning of the twentieth century. Besides the numerous paintings, there is an exceptional collection of old sculptures and you can see and learn about art from Asia and Africa. 

Purchasing tickets in advance to visit the castle is not necessary, but can be done. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the castle. Booking online can be done through Tiqets.

The park and maze

Around 1800, the castle park was set out as a 'jardin anglo-chinois' (Anglo-Chinese garden). Simultaneously with the castle's construction, Jean Gindra, a landscape architect from Liège, designed the park in the English landscape style. The imposing castle still stands out proudly in the middle of a romantic park with centuries-old trees, ponds, and grottos. If you remain quiet, you might spot bats around the ice cellars.

In 1873, the then young Albert and Ernest van Caloen designed a maze of red and green hornbeam. The maze is open from April until the end of October. You can get hopelessly lost in it.

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